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die Stempel


from about 1840 untill 1850

about 1850

untill about 1870

about 1875

about 1884

from 1980

Koch & Bergfeld is one of the world's oldest producers of silverware still in operation: since 1829 silversmiths from Bremen have unflaggingly manufactured cutlery, silverware, championship cups and plaques for lovers of silver on five continents. They include the world's first royal houses, well-known merchants, large companies, governments – not to mention collectors and many people who just like dining off silver...

Over 300,000 different designs – including more than 15,000 different pieces of cutlery from a good 350 models in total – produced by the firm's so-called "Design Office" are all recorded in books, filed as drawings or even kept in safe storage as prototypes.
During its lengthy tradition, spanning parts of three centuries, the company has made many changes to its logo. On the right you can see a number of "hallmarks" (signs of authenticity stamped onto each piece) together with the periods of time when they would have been used, as found on old silverware made by Koch & Bergfeld.

First of all, there are the hallmarks of the company founder Gottfried Koch, who was the designer of the two cutlery models "Spaten" and "Altfaden". The "Pedestal Vase" and "Bremen Key" hallmarks are particularly striking.

We should also include an explanation about the figure appearing with a hallmark, indicating the amount of silver contained in each piece. This starts at "90" for 90 gr. silverplating, through "150" to "925" – for the sterling silver which is used almost exclusively today.
In addition, there are also the symbols of a "Half-Moon" for silver and a "Crown" for Germany as the country of production.

This allows one to "read" cutlery and silverware and identify it thanks to the hallmarks.